How many nice days left?

We are starting to hit the peak foliage time in Pennsylvania, which means we’re not quite sure how many nice afternoons are left before winter sets in. The clocks are about to fall back, too, so it will be dark by 5:15.  Needless to say you don’t want to waste any nice afternoon, particularly when I get an one off.

So today we got home from work/school/daycare and broke from the norm. Usually Brant goes right for a nap (somehow a 1 1/2 year old only takes one nap all day at daycare), Maren does her homework and I grab a book and a highlighter.

Today we spent a half-hour outside, playing on the swings, practicing riding our bike again and then we broke out the Barbie Jeep. It is one of the few things the kids really love to do together that doesn’t end up with one of them crying.

This particular chance provided my wife and I with another one of the back-pocket photos parents love to have, the ones you break out when your son is bringing home a girl from college, or when they are in an otherwise dreadful mode. Nothing like a little blackmail photo to lighten the mood.

One of these days Brant is gonna hate me for this photo. He and Maren rockin’ the Barbie Jeep as he sports “his” Cinderella helmet.

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