Someone’s a little sensitive

What do you mean I’m grouchy?

All of a sudden we’ve got a crybaby on our hands. Where did this come from?

Brant is really starting to talk. In the last 3-4 weeks, his vocabulary has probably grown by 20 words or phrases. That’s not saying someone who walks into our house and listens to him for the first time will get it, but we do. We know when he says “Dat ooo” it means ‘thank you.” Sounds the same, every time. Friday he said “watch Cars,” but for some reason he can’t say “Cars” without yelling it, so it sounds like “Watch C-C-C-CARSSSS!”

But he’s also started to really understand words he can’t say. Not only that he is learning about inflection and what that can mean. He loves the soft stuff, which makes him come across the room and give you a hug and kiss. The loud stuff? That makes him cry.

One thing my wife and I have learned over the last couple of weeks is that we have a sensitive little boy on our hands.

A couple of weeks ago he wanted more dinner. My wife was not responding fast enough as she got more for our daughter, so he picked up his plate and threw it across the kitchen. My wife, as she does with every rule break, waved her index finger at him and says “no, no, no.” To this, sensitive boy broke into an immediate frown, his face turned as red as the beets he just flipped onto the floor, and he broke into the silent cry.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, the silent cry is a whole other level of cry. It only comes out at special times, namely when we get shots or someone (big sister) takes a toy or crayon. It is what it sounds like: a cry that is so hard no sound comes out for about 10 seconds. Head tilts backward for effect, face gets beet red but no sound comes out. Then, all of a sudden, just when you start to worry about breathing, this gigantic wail comes out and it’s blood-curdling screaming time.

The breakdown has happened a couple of times over the last few weeks. Last Sunday morning, he was coloring in his room. After Brant was “done” with his coloring book, he started coloring on the inside of his baby gate used to keep him in (and out) of places. When my wife saw this, he got the finger wave. The kid was done. Threw himself onto the floor, buried his face in the carpet and cried. It wasn’t silent cry, or even that serious because I saw him peek up and when he saw me standing there, he put his head back down and started “crying” again.

It’s not that we’re trying to crush the kid’s creativity, or even his dreams, it’s just that there are places you can color and places you can’t. When your 1 1/2 you don’t know what those boundaries are. All Brant knows (or knew) was that he got hugged and cheered for coloring in the coloring book. In his mind, he’d probably get a medal if colored on the gate. He was wrong, but now he knows.

Dad, this good lookin’ dude’s eyeballin’ me.

I don’t like to see him cry (and really when he breaks into silent cry it sometimes takes everything I have not to laugh in his face) but he’s learning. This week he wanted more food when I was giving his sister something. I glanced over and he had his plate in his hand. I forcefully told him “Don’t you throw that plate!” He set it down and slid it to the other side of the tray. He smiled. I gave him a high-five and a couple of pieces of hot dog and we were back in business.

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