Mini mom

There are times in my life when I simply get up and walk of out the room. It’s just easier than dealing with two crazy women, one the mom and the other her 7-year-old twin.

To say my wife and daughter are the same people, one just a smaller version of the other, is an understatement. They are both strong-willed, yet fragile, meaning they need to get their own way more often than not. Or else. Oh, and they look exactly the same.

There are times, maybe once a week, where Maren does something and moves on with her life, walking out of the room. As she does, my wife and I make eye contact for a second, thinking the same thing. “That kid has an awful lot of her mom in her.” Just last night they were both ready to start packing for vacation, which doesn’t start until the first week in April.

If Maren grows up to do all the things her mom has done, she’ll be fine. On the other hand, I’ve often heard stories of how my wife was like a second mother to her younger sister and that is without a doubt happening in our house.


In the early days, Maren smothering and Brant with his kung-fu hands.

As I have said before, Brant wants nothing more in life than to be everything his big sister is. That’s a lot of responsibility for a 7-year-old girl to have on her shoulders, but one that Maren relishes and Brant feeds it by listening to her without fail. There is a 5 1/2 year difference in age between the two, but Maren has not yet reached the point where her little brother is annoying, or icky or has boy cooties. So they do a lot of stuff together, whether it’s coloring or watching TV or playing on the swing set.

But there are times where I can see it annoy Brant. Like when he wants to watch Cars and she wants to watch Barbie, Brant breaks into the silent cry, Maren breaks down and runs to her room and the problem is solved. It is a problem I can see coming up more and more because Maren is a control freak, and an alpha female.

Poor Brant, not only does he have to live by his parents’ rules, he’s got to live by his sister’s rules. Kid’s never gonna know what hit him.

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