The end.

On the way to school today, Maren asked if there were any new Princesses to see in Disney World. “Is Merida gonna be there? I hope so, cuz she’s the only one with a different story.”

Uh, what are you talking about, kid?

For the uninformed (those who don’t have a daughter under the age of about 12) Merida is the girl in Disney’s Brave, the one with the crazy, red, flaming hair who rides horses like John Wayne and shoots arrows like Robin Hood. Maren is curious to see if she will meet Merida on our trip South in a few weeks, along with Rapunzel, whom she has yet to meet as well.


Same old story

I thought it was because she had met the others. Nope. She’s actually, I think, pretty tired of the them. Not the princesses, mind you, she’s still gonna melt when she sees one, but the stories.

“The princess stories, they are all the same,” she said walking across the parking lot today. “Pretty princess, gets in trouble or gets lost or falls asleep, Prince Charming saves them, they kiss, they get married. End of story.”

I think, hey you are awfully young to be that cynical. What about happily ever after and the pink and purple nightmare that is her bedroom?

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