Book learnin’

“Dad, if you could be any person in the world, who would you be?”

Whenever I hear that question, or something similar, I think “trick question.” It’s like the “do I look fat in these jeans?” question. There’s no real right answer, only answers that can get me in trouble.

So I tip-toed around it. “I don’t know, honey, I’m pretty happy being me, you know minus some pounds.”

“I’d be Hermione Granger,” she screeches back without a bit of hesitation.


War and Peace is next

For the uninformed (which was me up until about 3 months ago) Hermione Granger is part of the J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, the smarty-pants girl who keeps Harry and Ron Weasley on the straight and narrow. It’s not a bad choice for my daughter. Hermoine is uber-smart, very loyal and courageous. Not a bad set of values for a wizard, or a 7-year old.

Maren got her first Harry Potter book for Christmas and while she is a very good reader, they were a little too much for her to digest. She’s been tearing through Boxcar Children’s books for a couple of months, but we have had to work on understanding what we are reading and not just reading for the sake of, you know, reading.

So far Harry Potter’s been extraordinarily enjoyable for both of us. Since she can’t quite read them and I’ve never read them before, we’ve read bunches of pages every night before bed. Since Christmas we’ve knocked out the first two years (books) and are now 50 or so pages into the third book.

They have cost each of us some sleep. On Thursday night there was about 50 pages or so left in the second book. I finished a chapter, shut the book and looked at her and her eyes were like saucers. “Couple of more pages, pleeeeez,” she begged. Forty pages later we’re still going and I hear “it’s five minutes until 9, put the book down!”

At that point, there was no stopping the Bowman Reading Tandem. We were finishing it, no matter how mad mom got.

I love to read books myself because I love reading good writing, sometimes dreaming I will one day be able to write like that. But it’s a thousand times more enjoyable reading to her and now she and her little brother crawl up on a chair together and she reads to him. Makes me melt every time.

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