Road Trip





Just back from vacation, the reason for the awful delay between posts.

So over the next few days we will catch up. Starting today with our road trip, or trips, to and from Pennsylvania to Florida. Just before we left, the conversation in the office here centered around driving to Florida, and I said something to the effect that “the last time we drove to Florida …” A co-worker said “That is one sentence you will never hear me ever say … The last time we drove to Florida.”

But we did, two cars, six adults (3 drivers) and two kids. It’s about 1,050 miles to Orlando. Driving down is okay because you’re excited about going on vacation. So you break it up, drive 6 hours the first day, stay in a hotel, finish the second day.


Can you get me out of this car? Now? Now?

Problem is the 7-year-old knows she’s gonna be in the car a long time. The 2-year-old doesn’t, so first stop for gas is total meltdown. Hungry. Tired. Confined. Full of energy. And still buckled up.

So we talk him off the ledge and forge ahead. We pass time by watching movies and looking for license plates (we found 42 states on the way back, plus D.C.). And then there are weird town names that always make you laugh. Garysburg, Bowmansdale, Micro, Sunbury (Ga.), Midway, Dumfries, Skippers, Coosawhatchie, Gross and more.

Oh, and the signs, which can be confusing, but on a 20-hour trip, they pass the time.

I think we could have purchased the world’s largest cigar, cigarette, 10,000 pairs of Wrangler jeans, illegal fireworks, legal fireworks, a questionable burrito and beef jerky in one place. And if there aren’t 1,000 signs for Cracker Barrel restaurants on Route 95, there aren’t 10.

All in all, driving 20 hours (twice) with 2 kids, it went as well as can be considered. Nerves got frayed, for sure, but we are still speaking.

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