Look at this!

bra nta

Boom goes the dynamite

We have a picture, probably about five years old now, from when Maren was pushing a bus at daycare, pushed too hard on the back, it flipped up and bonked her in the eye.

First black eye marked in baby book? Check.

Well, we can now make the same check mark in Brant’s book, with as asterisk.

Brant was on a toy motorcycle that rocks on Tuesday, got so amped up he rocked himself right off the back of it. He held on for dear life, to the point where it flipped over and landed on him, giving him a tiny cut and a cute little shiner. I’m so proud.

The move did not come as a surprise. If my wife and I have learned nothing about him it’s that he got a lot less fear built into him than his older sister. He stands on tables, tries to walk down the steps without holding the railing, walks backwards as often as he can (his goal now is to become the world’s best backwards walker). When we visited his new daycare and spent some time with him, he played on the exact same toy. Within 10 seconds we were warning him about rocking too hard and dumping it over on him.

First one, won’t be the last. But now we can frame it and put it next to his sister’s.

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