Up to 12


Waves in the Pacific

My daughter and I were talking one day last week about how old she was getting now that she has officially passed the 7 1/2 threshold. I told her she was almost half way to driving age and then she drops this bomb: I’m gonna turn 12, then I’m gonna stop.


Kids at heart.


“I don’t want to be a teen-ager,” she said absolutely straight-faced and without a hint of regret or irony or sarcasm of whatever else I was looking for on that face.

But what about driving, and going to prom, and going to college, and getting a job, and getting married and having kids? What about taking your own kids to Disney World or the beach or the lake?

“Nope, I just want to get to 12, then live with you guys. I want Brant to keep getting older and be the big brother. I’m just gonna stop at 12. I like that number.”

Parents quickly realize their little girls and boys aren’t quite so little anymore. They do more stuff, become more independent and don’t need us quite as much. It’s a sad realization for a parent.

But we just hope we’ve brought them up the right way, taught them the right things. Because as much as we want to see them stay 12 forever, we want to see them blossom into the people they want to be, the people they can be.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be 12 forever, believe me, my dad is still trying it. But there’s nothing wrong with reaching for the stars either.

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