Countdown is on…

“Dad, when is Brant gonna be able to go to the movies with us?” Maren asks once in a while.

Probably not for a while, he’s only 2, I tell her. I don’t tell her it’s tough enough to sit through a movie with a 7-year-old.

Monsters University is coming to a theater near us soon, so that’s probably next in line of films Maren and I will go see. I actually don’t remember the last time I saw a film in a theater with an actual real person in it. Such in the life of a parent.

But then I saw the above preview for Disney’s new Planes movie, out in August. It might be the one we have to take Brant to. He wears out Cars and Cars 2. He has probably seen each of them about 200 times, maybe more, and is certainly an offshoot of that.

Not only that, he digs planes. Maybe not as much as cars, but he loves them. Last summer we spent a weekend with friends in New Jersey. We took the kids to a playground which just happened to be directly along the flight pattern for Newark’s airport. Every minute or so for an hour a plane would fly overhead and every single time it did Brant would point up and yell “plane!”

So the countdown to August 9 is on.

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