Um, what was that?

As parents, we hear it all. Excuses, secrets, blaming each other and so on. After a while, not much stuns you really.

But every once in a while you hear something and it stops you in your tracks.

Like: Maren doesn’t have any shoes left.

Now that is a conversation starter right there. When I dropped her off at school she had shoes, so it would be not be unreasonable to assume that she would have shoes when I got there to pick her up, no?


as per usual, one looking, one not

Yet somehow Maren somehow breaks both flip flops on the same day, but in two completely different ways. How is that even possible? Yet one had the thong pull out of the bottom and the other one simply had the sole split in half.

Or how about this: Cuz jumping couch bad.

Close your eyes and think about that for a second. Try to figure out the context. In our house that is how Brant answered the question “Do you know why you got a timeout?”

Cuz jumping couch bad. Or, or big-people words, because jumping on the couch is bad. It did not mean our couch was jumping.

Til next time…I’ve got to go buy a new pair of flip flops.

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