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Family meeting

As I sat and drank my morning coffee two Sunday’s ago, a slip of paper lands on the table in front of me: “Family meeting. 6 p.m. In the living room.”

Sure enough, the 7-year-old had called a family meeting. What’s on the agenda? I asked. “All the new paper products in the house.”

I know Maren has had control issues for a while now. I try to not worry about things I can’t control, like the weather. But Maren’s got a more than a little bit of her mom.


I’m in charge here, people!

She needs to know what we’re doing not only now, but five minutes and five months from now. But the kiddo takes it a step further. As soon as she gets comfortable, she wants to own the room, which means no talking, no laughing, and no fun.

So four adults descend upon the living room for our mandatory family meeting. There is a new family mailbox which will be placed in the house, where people can put any notes or other family suggestions. There are other paper products as well, a new broom and pillow.

It quickly becomes apparent, however, that things are spiraling out of control. No real direction, smart-alec dad questioning the legality of said meeting.

I guess the meeting was a success, because it looks like a new tradition in our house. We gathered again last night. This week we had to put a time limit in: 15 minutes.

Before the meeting I was told there would be assigned seats and I would have to sit near the front because I was a troublemaker the week before. Not only that, my seat was going to get moved if I didn’t listen better. “Hey, I wasn’t the one texting during last week’s meeting,” I said, throwing Mrs. Bowman under the bus.

The time limit certainly helped, and Brant got to take part, emerging from behind “stage” to unveil the latest musical lantern. Then he went back behind the curtain and put 45 necklaces back on.

We had a special speaker this week; were ordered to be sure to put notes into the family mailbox for next week’s meeting and some of us (not naming names) got two minutes detention and had to stay 2 extra minutes.

Still, it’s been a fun event in our house the last two weeks. And I’m actually looking forward to next week’s meeting, partly because it’s my week to give a presentation on France…