Look who’s 2!


All growd up

At Christmas it was painful to watch Brant open gifts. He didn’t quite get the whole idea of how to properly unwrap a present with the ferocity of his much-more aggressive older sister.

Fast forward three months, to birthday/Easter weekend, and the boy has all figured out.

Now leave anything on the floor that looks like a gift, whether it is for him or not, and chances are he’s tearing it apart. On Saturday, when we had his 2nd birthday party, I swear the kid was making sparks fly ripping stuff open. And don’t try to take his new stuff from him. That’s a whole other bit of wrath you don’t want any part of.

So he’s two (officially). And perhaps bigger news in our house, is that we’re a day away from a long-haired blonde girl being 7 1/2.

We don’t wait long to move onto the next thing.

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